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April 15, 2022

Do What Matters Most

Do What Matters Most…I’m a self-help, self-improvement book junkie. At nine or ten years old I started with with How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. By my 20s and 30s, I listened to Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many others, at least fifty times per set of cassette tapes (remember those?). In my early 30s, I re-read Dale Carnegie; I re-read it again thirty years after that.

All of that history is to preface that I’m not genuinely surprised by most of the self-help/self-improvement genre anymore. That said, Do What Matters Most was a very pleasant surprise. Like a lot of great books, DWWM seemed to be a synthesis of many other great works, honestly told with a very relatable perspective. Practical, with just enough anecdotes to illustrate the practicality of the sound reasoning given and outlooks shared.

The audible version is very well narrated. I usually like to hear authors, and this one felt like I did.

I got the audible version because I was having trouble getting through the print version, for a great reason!  I found myself doing the writing exercises suggested in the print book, to the point that every time I picked up the book, I would find myself writing moments later.

My annual goal for the last 25+ years has been to read at least fifty good books a year.  Just to ensure reaching my goal, I got the audible version of Do What Matter Most while only halfway through the print version. I’m about two-thirds through the print version now (still writing), and thinking about listening to the audible version again, soon.

Do What Matters Most is very good at helping the reader determine exactly *What Matters Most* to them! Family, friends, spirituality…all are just as important, if not more so, than work. The authors do a good job of getting you to really be specific about what is important – to you.  I’ve been self-employed for four decades. I have a history of workaholism, and of measuring myself on being a good provider; I find more that matters than work or amount of income now.  My work is still what I would do even if I won the lottery tomorrow, but a bit differently, after reading the book.  Do *What Matters Most* is a great primer for determining *What Matters Most* and – within each area of importance to you – a good reminder of the intrinsic value of weaving all of the relationships in your life into your life, via your calendar, in general and explicit ways.

I believe if you read or listen to the book with a view toward genuinely asking – and answering – for yourself *What Matters Most*, the authors will give you the tools to prioritize and *Do* that which matters most. Perhaps, as I have, you’ll find yourself scheduling your priorities, instead of prioritizing your schedule.

Prior to April 21st, 2022, I invite and encourage you to peruse


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