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September 14, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Company News

Web Design Showcase

OnYourMark, LLC showcases web design work at www.KleinInternet.com !

We list our own web properties and websites we do for clients.

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OnYourMark, LLC is happy to showcase clients. We do our best to provide Web Design and Internet Marketing Know-How for them.

While we don’t have all of our clients’ sites listed yet, and the listing we do have up (for clients and for us) don’t do our sites justice, Klein Internet is a good start as a web design showcase.

KleinInternet.com was the orginal web address OnYourMark used for our business – in 1995.  We’ve always used @OnYourMark.com for email, and we consolidated our email addresses and our primary website address at least a dozen years ago.  We thought now would be a good time to bring back Klein Internet just to showcase web design – and internet marketing – work.

We welcome you to take a look around.  We’ve grouped sites into broad categories:

Professional Services


Joint Ventures (Partners wanted for some of these!)

Wisconsin Booster sites (lots of work coming on these)

Personal Sites

Waukesha / Milwaukee Area Sites

We just updated the listing for one of our clients, George Schroeder, owner of Schroeder Builders, LLC.   Schroeder Builders are now 3rd Generation custom home builders, building quality homes in Southeast Wisconsin since 1923.  See Schroeder Builders directly at http://www.SchroederBuilders.com/  It took us ten years to snag that name for our client.  We still keep their old domain name in play at http://www.SchroederBuildersLLC.com/

Feel free to call Keith Klein at +1 262-853-7900 or Contact Us to learn how we can help you with web design and internet marketing services.

Keith Klein